Atenshon BONAIRE Deodorant brands with endocrine disruptors that is best avoided.

We unveiled a list of deodorants from well-known brands that have among their endocrine disrupting ingredients, toxins that are related, among other adverse effects, to breast cancer.

Why is a nontoxic deodorant better?

It is worth observing what substances you put for hours on your skin when you use a deodorant. The skin of the armpits is sensitive, is usually wet and sometimes shaved. All these factors make it easy for any substance present in your deodorant to easily penetrate the skin and bloodstream.

In addition, the use near the mammary glands, tissues very sensitive to hormones, makes it especially important to avoid the presence of endocrine disruptors in deodorants.

Remember that endocrine disruptors are synthetic substances that mimic the functioning of hormones and that are related to the appearance of tumors in “hormone-dependent” organs such as breasts.

The use of products that contain endocrine disruptors should be avoided, especially in an area such as the armpits, so close to the mammary glands.

List of deodorants with endocrine disruptors

The latest study by the Danish Consumers Council analyzes the ingredients of 77 deodorant brands in search of undesirable substances. The results show that 29 products contain substances that should not be in a deodorant such as allergens, endocrine disruptors and other environmental pollutants.

Caring for your health can be as simple as avoiding the following deodorants that contain endocrine disruptors.

  • Note: To see the complete results, click on each name and you will access the page of the Danish Consumers Council, which can be translated online. In addition to the endocrine disruptors that each contains, other data can be seen as allergens, perfumes and environmental pollutants.
Be very Careful when you select your deodorant

They have endocrine disruptors:

Adidas sport energy

Avène regulador

Axe Dry

Burberry Brit hombre

Calvin Klein One

Clarins Men y Clarins antitranspirante 

Body Shop Aloe


Clinique antitranspirante

David Beckham clásico

Dove Men

Forever Aloe

Helena Rubinstein 

Nivea antitranspirante invisible

Palmolive natural y Palmolive Pure Artic

Sanex Men y Sanex Zero

Tommy Hilfinger

Van Gils

Toxic detected in the research:

Triclosan: endocrine disruptor and harmful to the environment. This toxic was found in a deodorant of the Forever Living brand.

BHT: disruptor endocrino detectado en 12 desodorantes, como Palmolive, David Beckham, The Body Shop, Adidas y Burberry, entre otros.

BHT: endocrine disruptor detected in 12 deodorants, such as Palmolive, David Beckham, The Body Shop, Adidas and Burberry, among others.

Hydroxyisohexyl 3-cyclohexene carboxaldehyde (HICC): highly allergenic perfume, banned in cosmetics from 2021. This perfume was found in the deodorants of Lancôme, Calvin Klein, Hugo Boss and Elisabeth Arden.

Butylphenyl Methylpropional: is an alleged endocrine disruptor. It was found in 11 products.

Cyclopentasiloxane / cyclomethicone: an endocrine disruptor harmful to the environment found in 8 deodorants, including Clinique, Clean and Tommy Hilfinger

Parabens (Methylparaben og propylparaben): endocrine disruptors present in Helena Rubinstein deodorant.

Iodopropinyl butylcarbamate: is an allergenic preservative, which was found in 5 deodorants, including Biotherm and Vichy.

Tips to choose healthy deodorants:

By making a positive reading of the results of the study, most deodorants did not contain any toxins. Therefore, it is not difficult to choose a deodorant to take care of your health.

These tips will help you find it:

Avoid the brands with toxics listed above.
Choose deodorants of ecological and handmade cosmetics, made with natural ingredients.
Better a deodorant without synthetic perfume. Perfumes or fragrances are a common source of allergens and endocrine disruptors.
Do not use deodorant immediately after shaving or with moisture as the skin is more vulnerable.
Deodorants in roll-on or cream are preferable to spray deodorants that form small particles that we can breathe.
Choose a deodorant without aluminum, especially if you have eczema or damaged skin under the arms.
And do not pay attention to advertising claims as “sensitive” or “for delicate skin”, they are not a guarantee of absence of allergenic substances. There are several examples of manufacturers using these terms even if the product contains preservatives or fragrances that can cause allergies.

Remember: It is not difficult to choose a deodorant that takes care of your health..!

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