Bonaire Water Polo in the way to Carifta!

The national federation for Swimming sports on Bonaire, The Bonaire Aquatics Bond (B.A.B.) has selected 23 waterpoloplayers for two waterpolo teams to compete in Barbados during the Carifta Games 2019. Our under 14 year old team is a mixed team with both girls and boys. In this event, the under 19 team can be men only. The selected waterpolo players are members of the Bonaire Barracuda’s Waterpolo and Swimming Club. 

Water Polo Team Bonaire

The XXXIV Carifta Games for swimming sports will be held on Barbados in April. These are the Caribbean Championships in the disciplines Swimming, Artistic Swimming, Water Polo and Open Water Swimming. Bonaire along with 24 Caribbean Nations has been invited to compete in this prestigious event. Each nation can send members of their national federations to participate.

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