Dr. Ana Maria Polo told what she felt when a “suspicious mass” appeared again in her breast

20 MARCH, 2019
In a recent mammogram Ana María Polo was found a “suspicious mass” in her left breast, so the case presenter closed decided to share with her followers what she felt while waiting for the results of the biopsy.

Polo suffered from breast cancer in 2003, for which she underwent a radical mastectomy of the right breast.

But a few weeks ago he lived to relive those difficult moments after performing a routine mammogram that, since then, must be done every year.

“I was in a state that I can not even explain, death of fear,” said the driver through his Instagram account.

He added that the biopsy was performed because the doctors informed him that the mass in the left breast that was seen in the image was “suspicious”.

The lawyer explained that in addition to the radical mastectomy of the right breast, she also removed her ovaries to prevent cancer from developing in other parts of her body.

“However I said good, life will continue no matter what happens, and if it’s cancer I’ll have to face it just like I did last time,” he said.

Polo confessed that the biopsy performed on him with urgency confirmed that the mass was “benign”, news that after days of great uncertainty cheered up all his fans.

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