For LeBron and Lakers, reality show now on the court

LOS ANGELES — Here’s a pitch for the next show to be developed by SpringHill Entertainment, the production company co-founded by LeBron James and Maverick Carter: What about an inside look at a glamorous NBA franchise and how a locker room collapsed under burning issues? The star player becomes a flashpoint for the boiling frustration, and they scramble to find elusive solutions as the season begins to pass them by.

And, get this: The main role can be played by … wait for it … LeBron himself!

Hollywood loves nothing more than a deliciously dramatic reality show, and how convenient is it that one is unspooling right before LeBron’s very eyes, or shall we say, very weary and confused eyes? Just as he wields power over his growing entertainment empire, he’s also mainly responsible for the situation buckling the Lakers as they stumble and flail and threaten to crumble during this stretch run toward the playoffs.

Should they blow this chance — and it’s getting slippery by the game — it would be a rude gut-punch, though not a damaging one, to LeBron’s legacy, which he cares so deeply about. It would raise questions moving forward about his leadership style, his curious link to the player agency he helped form, his degree of power within the Lakers (and whether it’s too expansive). And, most importantly, it would raise questions about his ability to attract A-list free agents before either his contract runs out or Father Time taps him on the shoulder.

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