Bonaire hopes that State Secretary Knops of Kingdom Relations, when it comes to the future of the island, will be just as energetic as one of his predecessors, Bijleveld.

That said the newly appointed deputy Elvis Tjin Asjoe (MPB) who is responsible for the Operations and Support Directorate in the new management period.

Last Tuesday the newly appointed Executive Council of the representatives Tjin Asjoe, Nina den Heyer (MPB) responsible for the Department of Society and Care and Crown (UPB) in charge of the Department of Space and Development, met Minister Kajsa Ollongren of the Interior and Kingdom Relations , BZK, and state secretary Raymond Knops of BZK.

The new directors briefly spoke at an informal meeting with the Dutch ministers.

Tjin Asjoe was Minister of Economic Affairs and Labor before 10-10-10 and then experienced how Bijleveld acted decisively in the dismantling of the Netherlands Antilles.

Deputy Nina den Heyer stated that he was looking forward to a pleasant cooperation with the Rutte cabinet. In fact, Den Heyer had hoped that when the Rutte cabinet took office, she was already a member of the Provincial Executive.

For the deputy Kroon it is important to work on the improvement of the roads on Bonaire as quickly as possible, the minister said.

In a short speech, Lieutenant Governor Edison Rijna said he had high hopes for the new college. Rijna expressed the hope that the general interest of Bonaire was put first.

Island Secretary Nerry Gonzalez said she was proud of the Administrative Agreement, which word has been given the status of the most used word in recent months, she said. Bonaire is reasonably on schedule with the agreement.

One of the milestones is the procedure introduced since 1 March whereby requests from citizens to the government are dealt with within a period of six weeks.

This will help to improve government services, she explained. Secretary of State Ollongren expressed the hope that with the new college better times will come for Bonaire.

She emphasized the importance of working together and achieving goals that are set together.

Lieutenant Rijna gave Ollongren a gift to use in the Netherlands. The portfolios of the representatives are still officially distributed.

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