Samsung S10 face unlock failure

on 20-feb-2019 samsung released the most anticipated smartphone series yet the samsung galaxy s10, as answer to the iphone XS en iphone XS max from apple, this amazing device is full with the most cutting edge technology, including smart face recognition software, fingerprint sensor on the screen, a smaller notch on the right side of the screen and the highest screen resolution yet, all of this create this new smartphone top edge

only one “small” issue, you can unlock the phone with a video of the owner! this is a major security bug, as seen in the video above from unlock therapy , is demonstrated how the smartphone is unlocked with a video from the owner it self, as the software recognizes the face one’s set up as security key to unlock the phone. this of course can be done to anyone.

Samsung haven’t released an official statement yet regarding this major security breach and of when this issue will be solved.

for now is advise to the public to use the fingerprint sensor and or code to unlock the device.

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