The three new features of WhatsApp that will revolutionize the application.

20 MARCH, 2019
The three new features of WhatsApp that will revolutionize the application

According to the page that is responsible for filtering new features of the application, WhatsApp will now have the function of a dark mode, permission for groups and an internal browser.

Dark mode:
Platforms such as Twitter and YouTube already have this function, but now the messaging application will add it in order to reduce the tension in the eyes, so that it is more comfortable for users to use in dark places or with low lighting.

In addition, the function allows saving energy in the devices.

Permissions for groups

WhatsApp considers that the user should have control of their application, and from this point of view he will have the possibility of refusing to enter a group chat in which he has been integrated.

Also, the option will allow people to accept the group they wish to enter, and who can include them in a group, so they can block being added by a contact and even deny inclusion to a group part of any unknown.

In this sense, by including someone in a group, a request will be issued to the user, which will expire within 72 hours of not being accepted.

Internal Browser
This function, as the site said, will allow the user to see links of web pages received in the chats, without leaving the platform.

In addition, WhatsApp said that if any user wishes to enter the browser of the application, he will not be able to see the search history, he will not have access by Facebook, nor by the same application.

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