Themes now more important than party politics.

Kralendijk – The meetings of the Island Council were once dominated by party politics and personal attacks.

These days they are more focused on content. That’s what Robby Beukenboom said, until last week Island Council member for the FSP at the last meeting of the old Island Council.

Beukenboom was one of the figureheads of the PDB for many years, last year he left the party and founded the FSP.

He leaves the political arena after having been alternately active as an Island Council member and deputy for the PDB since 1994, the FSP did not get a seat in the last elections.

In his speech, Beukenboom admitted that he had also been guilty of the old way of doing politics in the past. “I cannot deny that I was a good pupil of my masters, but I can proudly say that we were leading when we had to choose the island interest. Then all other interests become subordinate to the island interest. “

The nestor of local politics pointed out to the Island Governor as chairman of the Island Council and the Island Council members that they should always put the island interest first.

“I would like to say to the chairman who is the chairman’s hammer as authority: make sure that nothing makes you stray from the right path of the public interest.

And to the Island Council members I say: The electorate has stood in line for hours to vote for you. Don’t forget that and stand up for their interests. ”
At the last meeting of the Island Council, we also said goodbye to the members who are not part of the new council. These include Maritza Silberie from the UPB and Jeanuska Raphaela from the same party. Apart from Beukenboom, fellow party member Marugia Janga of the FSP is also not part of the new Island Council.
The political leader of the FSP stated in his speech that in his political career he had devoted himself with great love and dedication to agriculture, animal husbandry, fishing and the environment. In recent years, attention has focused more on the social welfare of the population. As an Island Council member, Beukenboom supported the coalition that promoted social housing, housing benefits, child benefits, crèches, the increase in social assistance, the minimum wage and the pension.
In his speech, the Island Council member also mentioned the master plan for Bonaire. That plan still needs to be updated. ,, The old BC had already decided to update this plan, it is now up to the new board and the Island Council to finalize that. Apart from the challenges mentioned in the Administrative Agreement, there are also others such as the care of coral reefs and the increase of citizens’ incomes. “
At the end of his speech, Beukenboom hinted that he might return to politics over time. He turned to the Island Council members with the words: “If you sail with the ship in the Caribbean Sea, look behind you, you will see me swimming in our wonderful sea. Every time I jump into the sea I return even younger. And I have even more strength to continue to put my ear to the heart of my Bonairean people. ”

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