Bonaire today with one of the largest sailing cruisers in the world Club Med 2

Club Med 2 is a five-masted, computer-controlled sailing schooner, operated by Club Med and operated as a cruise ship. It combines the power of seven computer-operated sails with the more traditional diesel-electric energy, with four diesel generators that power two electric motors. Club Med 2 was launched in 1992 in Le Havre, France. Its twin ship, Club Med 1, was sold to Windstar Cruises and renamed Wind Surf in 1998.

The ship, one of the largest sailing cruisers in the world, which transports up to 386 passengers with a crew of 214, navigates the waters of the Mediterranean Sea and the Adriatic Sea in summer, and the Caribbean in winter, finding its way to destinations which the larger cruise ships can not reach.

The ship offers ballroom dancing, bridge visits, music, and night sailing. A water sports platform can be deployed from the stern. The European destinations of Club Med 2 include ports in the Mediterranean, the Adriatic and the Aegean Sea. Transatlantic trips are offered in the spring (eastbound) and in the fall (westbound).

For reservations follow their website and enjoy this beautiful experience. CLUB MED 2

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